OEmbed addon

Thunderbird Conversations can now have its own addons! I just created a sample plugin for Conversations that uses oembed to analyze links to Flickr in emails. Once it's found a link, it displays a small version of the image below the email, with the title of the picture and its author. You can click the picture to open the original link to Flickr in a new tab. I packaged this plugin as a Thunderbird addon.

The good thing is this addon is restartless! As always, it's been a little bit of a fight to get it to work (I ♥ you restartless), but I managed to get it right. Enough talk, download it now.

Some remarks:

  • this addon of course requires Thunderbird Conversations to be installed first,
  • this addon uses the plugin infrastructure I described earlier,
  • it will not uninstall properly: there was no support for removing a plugin in Conversations, I just added support for that in the trunk version of Conversations,
  • I will not support this in any way. This is a proof of concept, and I'd love to see other people pick up the project, enhance it, and come up with new ideas in creative ways.
  • the source lives on GitHub if you want to fork it!

Comments are welcome!