Thunderbird Conversations now has more than 50000 users, and with users, comes a lot of feedback. Right now, too much of the feedback goes like this:

Hi, I installed Thunderbird Conversations, but it doesn't take into account option X, which is really vital (usually all caps here) for any sane user / which sucks and I'm going to uninstall this piece of shit / which makes your addon useless / etc. etc. Optional: what in your right mind did you think? Frequent: if you don't fix this, I'm going to uninstall the addon!

Option X is usually one very, very specific option that I believe is used by a minority of users: detach or delete attachment, download headers only (allegedly for “security reasons"), put sent messages in the folder of the message being replied to. I wasn't even aware of the existence of such options. Even if these were heavily used, I'm not trying to replicate every single option Thunderbird has. If I did, I would end up... reimplementing Thunderbird, except there would be a conversation view. What's the point? If I were to offer all these options, Thunderbird Conversations would become a bloated mess of options with a UI that's cluttered with all these extra actions that seem to be so vital. These users would be happy, but that's not the Thunderbird I'm dreaming of.

I'm trying to offer a new, more efficient, simpler, leaner way to read and reply to your emails. I'm already reimplementing a significant chunk of Thunderbird (I'm just re-doing entirely message display and message composition, mind you), and there's no way I can take into account all these options without becoming crazy. And I'm the only person working on this, to boot.

How can I make it clearer that my goal is not and never will be to reimplement every single Thunderbird feature? How can I tell people that yes, their favorite option that apparently their life depends on will not be implemented and that's just the way it is, they don't have to spam every other communication channel to insult me, write a super negative review on AMO, and encourage other users not to touch, and I'm quoting “this piece of $*§$%#”?

They just have to uninstall the addon.