Update: fixed the broken link for the manual

It is my pleasure to announce that after almost one year in development, Thunderbird Conversations 2.0 has been released! Thunderbird Conversations goes along Thunderbird 5, so go get the latest Thunderbird and...

Download now!

Thunderbird Conversations is a Thunderbird addon that, as the name implies, equips your favorite email program with a fully-featured conversation view. This addon has been developed in close collaboration with the Thunderbird team, and much effort went into Thunderbird to make this happen.

Conversation teaser left

Highlights include:

  • a quick reply feature,
  • tight integration with your Thunderbird workflow,
  • contact tooltips,
  • support for viewing a conversation in a tab,
  • integration with other extensions (enigmail, lightning),
  • quote collapsing,
  • and many more.

Quick reply

While this is still an experiment, we believe that it is sufficiently stable for you to try it out, hence the 2.0 version number. Documentation is available on my personal website (should be integrated in the Thunderbird FLOSS Manual when the next version comes out).

We welcome any kind of feedback. For general discussion, the right place is the mozilla-labs google group. For bugs, please direct them to our GitHub bug tracker.

Known issues:

  • many improvements have been made to Thunderbird to enhance its interaction with Conversations, which means only Thunderbird 5.0 will be compatible with Conversations 2.0,
  • big messages (with attachments) that just arrived will be slow to render if you try to display them immediately: we have a fix both on the Thunderbird and the Conversations side, but we had to back it out due to a regression — we hope to have the fix included in Thunderbird 6,
  • the print command (from the menu) doesn't print the conversation – please use the print icon from the conversation view, or use a recent Thunderbird 7 nightly, the fix should land soon,
  • if you customized the default font settings, it might be that the conversation view has too small fonts: in that case, please revert your font settings to the defaults and read the thread on this topic.

Before reporting a bug, please try out both a recent nightly of Conversations (labeled "master", available at http://jonathan.xulforum.org/files/gcv-nightlies/) and a recent build of Thunderbird 7, known as "Daily". If the issue doesn't go away, we'd be glad to hear about it!