I started working on Thunderbird Conversations pretty much 18 months ago, and it's grown from a quick hack to a fully-fledged re-implementation of the whole message-reading process in Thunderbird. It now integrates very nicely with the rest of Thunderbird, and I've put a lot of effort into making sure we comply with the bazillion options Thunderbird has. I believe it is a very viable replacement for the standard message reader, and I do have great hopes that the next version (compatible with the upcoming Thunderbird 3.3) will fulfill most people's desires when it comes to a conversation view.

A poor choice of icon and colors

The development has been quiet for quite some time now, as Thunderbird Conversations is slowly becoming more and more feature complete. There's some big, low-priority items that I tackle when I feel really motivated, but apart from that, I'd say this works really fine on a day-to-day basis. However, I'm pretty much alone on this. Coding is fine, but I'm bad at design, and I need a hand to help me polish the UI before the final release.

A nice window, but not consistent with the original design Here's a list of easy items that you can tackle if you have an hour or two:

  • bug 157: experiment with a nicer look for nested blockquotes. Right now, we have this ugly set of colors that feels so 1998-ish, and we could probably use something more modern.
  • bug 182 and bug 184: there's a few windows that might pop up at some point ("Give feedback", "Indexing warning", "Setup assistant"). I designed these by shamelessly stealing the graphics from mozillamessaging.com. They could probably use some visual love, and be more consistent with the rest of the Conversations UI. We also have a phishing warning, but the icon doesn't blend well. This could use some help too.
  • bug 189: make sure people with a dark theme still can use Conversations. Right now, we assume the default text color is black. This is not always the case, and it breaks things for people who have dark themes. We don't necessarily want to respect the system colors, but we should at least make sure Conversations is usable.
  • bug 257: the icons in the conversation toolbar are not aligned.

All these items are probably trivial for someone who's good at UI. I'm pretty bad at it, and most of these items would require me to spend too much time on them, for a less-than-satisfactory result in the end. So if you're good at these things, just drop me an email, or find me on irc.mozilla.org in #maildev (:protz). I'll provide guidance and help you get started with the Conversations source code.