One of the cool things I've managed to come up with during my stay at Mozilla Messaging is the GetSatisfaction Dashboard. Roland wanted something as awesome as the bugzilla dashboard for his work with GetSatisfaction. As it turns out, GetSatisfaction has a (rough) JSON API. After fiddling around with it a little bit, and after Andy redesigned the whole thing, the result is this:

GetSatisfaction Dashboard (photo by Roland)

We managed to hook up an unused Mac Mini to the demo screen, which basically means we're monitoring GetSatisfaction in real time. Yay!

Some pretty graphics show you the participation for the given day, who are the hot mail providers for today (spoiler: Gmail is the top one), and of course, the classic tag cloud.

Other useful information includes the 5 most recent topics, the 5 most commented topics, and 5 random topics. Because GetSatisfaction doesn't tell you when a topic was marked as answered, we poll the API every 10 minutes, and we track which topics became "answered". In case we found one, we play a clapping sound to cheer Roland up.

The code is on github, and we'd love to see people contribute. Right now, the code is Firefox 3.6-compatible only, because it uses Javascript 1.8 and I was too lazy to convert it back to standard JS, but it should be pretty trivial to do so. We're using jQuery and Protovis, which I guess a ton of people know better than I do.

Ultimately, we'll make this a Thunderbird content tab. Any other ideas for useful visualizations?